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Grace City Jewellers, Gold and Gold Jewellery Buyers Sydney was established to deliver a safe and reliable way to Sell your Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, Silver and Gold Jewellery for Instant Cash to our Valuable clients. We decided to create a Certified Diamond, Engagement Ring & Gold Jewellery exchange process that ensures our customers with a fully transparent, safe, simple yet reliable process they can rely on.

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Sell Gold Jewellery Sydney, Sell Engagement Rings for instant CASH. We will pay you INSTANT CASH.
Once we see your items, we test your Diamond / Diamond Jewellery, weight and value your Diamond & Gold Jewellery, and pay you instant cash on the spot at an agreed price if you decide to sell.

How To Get the Best Deal for My Gold Jewellery

Parting with your old or broken Jewellery is a great way for you to generate much needed revenue and we at Grace City Jewellers are the best place for you to get the best possible price. Selling unwanted Gold and Diamond jewellery can be quite lucrative or an utter disappointment based on the particular buyer that you're dealing with and this is why it's very important for you to gain some knowledge on the whole Selling process. The first and foremost thing to know when you decide part with your Diamonds is the appraisal value.

Finding an appraisal value is very easy. You can either source this information online or directly contacting the relevant associations to find the exact value of your Gemstones before Selling them.

Red Book publishers give Rapaport value of a Diamond on a regular basis and this is very important information when it comes to selling your precious metal and other broken or unwanted jewellery items.

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